Adult Crimes Single




Recorded by Sean Pearson at Paper Box Studios~Hamilton
Vocals, Mixed & Mastered by WTCHS

2012 Buzz Records


released May 12, 2012

Digital single (Buzz)

You know how Danzig started skinny, then got buff, and later bloated? These songs sound like the transformation of Danzig’s body, but accelerated, like a pale Hulk in a fishnet shirt, but not too fast, like the whole process would take ten minutes or so. There’s a core of melodic punk here buried beneath sixty pounds of muscley, brooding hypnotic blackness and catchy hooks. Maybe if the Cure had been from DC and on Dischord this is how it would have gone. Do yourself a favor and download this from the Buzz Bandcamp, then when you’re still online look up the two clips of them playing at The Retirement Home in Hamilton. The band appear as dark specters bathed in green, haunting a basement party, trying to find the secret bootleggers tunnel rumored to be hidden behind the walls, using nothing but their low-end to blow it out.
One more thing: should I say Stoner Goth? I won’t.
(Hippie Cult)



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